Dental Implants

Six Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Want to replace your missing teeth? Are you unable to make up your mind for surgery? Fear not, for mini dental implants have come to the rescue. These dental implants are smaller in size than the traditional ones but highly effective. These small-sized implants can put a big smile on your face and restore your lost confidence. As you scour through this article you will find out the benefits associated with mini dental implants.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

There are quite a few types of dental implants. The ones we will talk about today are mini dental implants. They are the same as standard dental implants, only tinier in size. These mini-implants can function without any embedment in the jawbone and come in a single solid piece. Do not let the size fool you! These are smaller, durable, and extremely cost-effective.

 Now that we have understood what mini dental implants are, let us delve deeper into the long list of unique benefits that they offer.

Slightly Invasive

The procedure is so simple that the dentist does not need to perform any surgery. It is so minimally invasive that the recovery time is also reduced drastically. The short and sweet nature of the procedure makes mini dental implants perfect for elderly patients and also for those who fear complex dental surgeries.

More Comfort and Convenience

Since mini dental implants require no surgery the patient experiences less pain and inflammation. Only a single appointment is required to undergo this procedure and that makes it all the more convenient. After these are placed, you won’t have to worry about them slipping off either. They are so comfortable that you can enter a room full of people with renewed confidence and smile the day away without worrying an ounce about slippage. 

Less Recovery Time

No complicated flap surgeries or bone grafting is required for mini dental implants. The lack of any complicated surgery reduces the recovery time to a bare minimum. Your bone takes less time to bond to the implant. You can go about with your normal activities the very same day and you can also enjoy no dietary curtailments. Traditional dental implants on the other hand take a longer time to heal which increases recovery time as well.

No Complications

If you choose to get mini dental implants then you must know that there are no risks or complications associated with the procedure. The non-performance of these implants is extremely rare. If you are looking to opt for a mini dental implant in New Lenox, IL consult our dentists and their expertise will ensure that the service is smooth and perfect

No Facial Collapse

Mini dental implants preserve your facial appearance. Since they are embedded into the jawbone they act as a makeshift tooth root. This greatly minimizes the chances of a facial collapse.  

Extremely Affordable

Mini dental implants don’t just save your time but also your hard-earned money. Since they require less hardware and the procedure is also less invasive you just need to pay half of what you normally pay for traditional implants. Go for these economical, less complex alternatives that ascertain the natural appearance of your teeth. 

We hope the benefits listed above will help you to make a more informed decision regarding your choice of implants. If you still have further queries get in touch with our dentists and they will help you to the best of their abilities.