How to Make a Teeth Whitening Solution at Home

It’s something we all love: a pearly white smile. As we sit down with our glass of wine or chocolate after dinner, with envy, we see famous people gleaming through the TV screen with their bright, white teeth and we can’t help but wonder, “How do you keep your teeth so white?”

We have compiled a list of simple and affordable natural teeth whitening remedies that you can try at home but first, here’s what you need to know:

What causes teeth to get pale?

If you want to lighten the shade of your smile a little, it is important that you first see why and what happens to your teeth that makes you want to try to whiten them. It gives you a clearer idea of the best ways to whiten your teeth naturally!

Extrinsic stains

Two different kinds of teeth staining affect the teeth. The first is extrinsic stains that affect the enamel surface. Though tooth enamel is easy to stain, the most easy to correct is extrinsic stains. When you whiten your teeth, you temporarily improve the porosity of the enamel so that the whitening agent can enter the pores of your teeth.

The staining of enamel typically comes from a number of practices. Yellowish stains on the teeth are caused by tar and nicotine, the two primary chemicals for tobacco. Also high on the list of teeth-staining culprits are foods and drinks that are high in chromogens – substances that make the pigments that stick to tooth enamel. It refers in particular to coffee, teas, red wine, chocolate or black berries. Acid foods and drinks can also allow staining when tooth enamel breaks down and it can be easier for stains to stain your teeth with chromogens.

Intrinsic staining

The intrinsic stain is the most common type of tooth stain. This form of staining takes place inside the inner structure of the tooth – dentin, which makes it much tougher to remove these forms of stain. Medications are largely the cause of intrinsic stain.

Intrinsic teeth and minocycline, which is often used to treat chronic acne, have been linked with tetracicline and doxycycline antibiotics. Intrinsic staining may be caused byover consumption of fluoride or even some prescription strength  mouthwash. Speak with your dentist on what might be the cause of your intrinsic staining.

What can you do to whiten your teeth at home that will not break the bank? Well, there is a way indeed to naturally whiten your teeth and it’s called Oil Pulling.

Oil pulling

Oil Pulling is a traditional Indian remedy for improving oral hygiene. Oil pulling requires applying oil around the mouth to extract plaque and other bacteria that typically strain the teeth. Sunflower and sesame oil are historically involved, but coconut oil is common today as it has a more natural flavor and can reduce inflammation and kill bacteria through high concentrations of lauric acid.

Streptococcus mutans is the primary blame for plaque, gingivitis and staining bacteria in your mouth. Studies have shown that oil pulling greatly decreases Streptococcus mutans within a week in the saliva. You can eliminate a large number of bacteria every time in your mouth. This treatment will not only help to naturally whiten your teeth, it can also fight against the breathing microorganisms in your mouth!

So, how to do oil pulling?

To take oil into your mouth, put 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and move the oil between your teeth back and forth. At room temperature, coconut oil is solid, so you can have to wait a few seconds before it liquefies in your mouth. When you first pull the oil, dentists advise you to swish for five to ten minutes, increasing gradually until you swish each time for 15-20 minutes.

Ensure that your coconut oil spit into a trash can, because if it solidifies again, it can create blocks in your kitchen’s or washroom’s drainage systems. Since coconut oil contains no acid or chemicals to erode your enamel, you can do it every day and move on to a cleaner and whiter smile.

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Facts That Nobody Told You About Teeth Whitening

Prevention is better than cure

Before stepping into all about teeth whitening tricks and methods, you must be aware of the to-dos that would keep your teeth from losing their color and shine! Normally, teeth can be kept white for a longer duration by sticking to a good oral hygiene. Check out the preventive measures discussed in this post that would help you in holding on to that glistening smile!

Avoid the following, in order to retain a whiter teeth:

  • Addiction to smoking and consumption of other tobacco products
  • Consumption of foods containing tannin such as tea, coffee etc.
  • Using other staining foods like beets, tomato sauce, candies, dark chocolates etc.
  • Excess use of antibiotics that are harmful fro your dental health

Since fortunately, I had never owned a very discolored set of teeth anytime during my childhood or teenage years, I was very curious to know the probable reasons as to why people desire to go for teeth whitening at all and whether the procedures are effective to a good extent.

Certain primary causes that could pacify you to go for a teeth whitening procedure are:

  1. To get rid of smoking effects – Smoking damages the dental health, thus damaging both its color and functionality. To regain the lost attractiveness of their smile, smokers often opt for a whitening treatment.
  2. Get a presentable look – Candidates especially those who are for job interviews and are prepping themselves for an upcoming one to give a boost to their career, turn up at dental offices for such makeovers.
  3. When you have to look your best – Is it a big day approaching for you? Wedding, Graduation or a birthday bash on the cards? Then you certainly need to catch hold of a bright and attention-gaining smile! Teeth whitening is therefore a hot cake during special occasions.
  4. Eradicate Ageing effects – With age, the tooth enamel of an individual, gets damaged. This leads to easier tooth discoloration and growth of plaque and bacteria in your tooth, which in turn pacifies you to take restorative measures.
  5. Cost effective method – Among other cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening is a lesser expensive, lesser time consuming method without much interventions. If achieving better aesthetics is possible with whitening, people usually prefer to go with this rather than opting for procedures like veneers or crowns!

When talking about teeth whitening and its virtues, one must know the best way to go. As teeth whitening is a very common concept, people have a variety of options to choose from. Now that makes arriving at your decision a little more difficult! In-office treatments are always better than the OTC (over-the-counter) whitening strips and gels that are more easily available.

Why is in-office teeth whitening recommended?

Same day Results: Although in-office whitening restoration is costlier than the OTC option, yet, it proves to be better to pay at a time rather than spending again and again for the OTC products in order to achieve the desired results. In office treatments, it is possible to achieve 5 to 8 shades whiter teeth on the very day of your treatment!

Minimal Sensitivity: Incorrect usage of the at-home used whitening kits, may cause sensitivity issues. Moreover, these products cannot be used at any frequency, neither should they come in contact with your gums. These details are difficulty to be kept in mind by a commoner, while using such products at home.

Better Longevity: Whitening treatments that are undergone in dental offices under the supervision of professional dental experts, have proven to yield results that last much more longer than the at-home kits!

Above all, since whitened teeth and a beautiful smile renders enhanced confidence, it raises the overall productivity of an individual. Better confidence leads to better performance and smarter outcomes. Therefore, it is certainly an asset that needs to be preserved well!

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