9 Common Signs That You Need Emergency Dental Care

Emergencies can happen at any moment of the day. Staying prepared is wise, however we never know when will we be called by one. So, here I have compiled 9 common signs that can help you know if you should visit your dentist now or can it wait till tomorrow!

1. You are Experiencing Bleeding: 

Seeing your gums bleed after you brush or floss is a cause for concern.  It is a warning sign of gingivitis or gum disease. You may even notice a smell when flossing, swelling of the gums or aching. Treatment of early gum disease is of utmost importance. Once the disease reaches a certain point, it can leave you with the inability to return your teeth to a healthy state. So seeing your dentist to determine what exactly is going on and creating a treatment plan right away can literally save your smile!

2You have Sudden Tooth Loss:

As an adult, losing a tooth can be not only painful but also unfortunate cosmetically. If a tooth is knocked out, falls out or is loose, you’ll want to phone your dentist right away. If action is taken quickly the tooth may remain viable and can possibly be replanted. You must act fast! So if your face took a soccer ball or if your tooth decided to become one with your apple…save that tooth and call the dentist! Your dentist may give you instructions on how to preserve the tooth until you reach the office.

3.  You have Swelling:

Swelling can be a major sign of infection. Infection in your mouth can be potentially life threatening. It’s important you are seen by a dentist quickly. Swelling can be present in your gums, face or even your lymph nodes. An untreated infection can get into your bloodstream and cause some serious health problems. Be sure to tell your dentist how long you’ve been experiencing swelling, where it’s located and any other signs of infection you may have.

4.  You are in Pain:

Pain that is keeping you awake, radiates to your neck, jaw or ear is common when you are experiencing a serious dental issue. Lying down may increase your discomfort when this type of pain is present. You may also have persistent throbbing in your mouth, sensitivity and/or facial swelling. A dentist can complete an exam and take a few x-rays to determine what is going on. It’s important to be sign right away so you can begin treatment ASAP.

5.  You have a Cracked or Broken Tooth:

 The location and severity of your cracked or broken tooth will determine the treatment route your dentist will want to take. Saving the tooth is always top priority. In order to do that, it’s pertinent that you are seen in a timely manner. Be sure to describe how the injury occurred if applicable when you call your dentist.

6You have a Growth or Sore:

If you notice a growth in your mouth, it’s a good idea to give your dentist a call. A growth or sore that doesn’t go away could be a sign of oral cancer. A dentist can provide a visual cancer screening as well as use a device that can identify abnormalities otherwise not seen by the naked eye. It’s estimated that 53,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer in 2019. Let your dentist be your first line of defense.

7You have a Metal Taste in Your Mouth:

Before composite (tooth colored) fillings were the norm, a lot of people received amalgam (metal) fillings. If you have a metal taste in your mouth, it’s possible an old filling has become loose or it could be cracking. Leaving a filling in this state will leave your tooth prone to cavities and infections. Avoid that toothache and possible root canal, call your dentist.

8. Your Jaw is Popping :

If you are experiencing pain, a popping sensation or if your jaw is locked; you should make an appointment with your dentist. In most people, our jaws can slide back and forth with no issues. A person with TMJ can experience a slip in their jaw where it is “stuck”. You may have pain when chewing, a clicking or grinding noise when the jaw is open or limitation of movement. It’s a good idea to get checked out by your dentist to see the severity of your TMJ to avoid other issues.

9.  You have a Severe Toothache:

One of the most common symptoms patients experience is toothache. When you have considerable pain that is constant and severe, make an appointment. A toothache can be many things and can cause debilitating discomfort. Your dentist can conduct a proper exam and take x-rays if needed to get to the root of your problem. No pun intended if you end up needing a root canal.

In closing, if you have any dental issue that requires treatment right away to alleviate pain, save your tooth, stop bleeding or decrease swelling…that is considered an emergency. Please don’t hesitate to pick up your phone, call your dentist and provide as much detail as you can in regards to your symptoms. Often emergencies are seen same day. Don’t suffer any longer than you have to. An emergency should be taken seriously.


4 Secret Things About Dental Emergencies Every Parent Should Know

When you are a parent or anyone who is shouldering the responsibility of taking care of a child, keeping yourself well prepared to deal with emergencies only lets you deliver your job more dexterously.

To begin with, a list of the probable 24 hours emergency situations that could attack your child’s dental health, need to be jotted down:

Injured Tooth:

A knocked out tooth or a badly cracked tooth is something that would shock any parent at the very first sight! Especially if your kid is a lot into sports you always tend to remain anxious because accidents may occur any moment!

Well if a permanent tooth of your child gets knocked out, you need to see the urgent care dentist immediately! The best thing you can do immediately after such an accident is finding the fallen out tooth. Try to preserve it, but be careful to handle it by the crown and rinse it carefully if it is dirty. Now you need to visit the dentist after keeping the tooth in a container filled with the child’s saliva or milk. You should not use water at all.

Another way out is to replace the tooth where it came out from. It needs to be held in place with a washcloth until you reach the chamber of your dentist! This in fact is the best alternative to deal with the issue of an accidentally knocked out tooth.

An acute tooth pain:

Although it can happen to anyone and not to kids only, yet, issues concerning kids are always more sensitive. Especially if a toothache goes from bad to worse, it calls for an emergency dental visit. It could be some infection that has gone down to the roots and is about to affect your gums. It could be anything else too!

However, a spontaneous toothache can be soothed with a simple method: a warm water rinse. But if any sort of tooth pain persists, it needs to be addressed immediately. Since majority of toothaches originate from an improper oral care, regular brushing and flossing is the first step to averting these kind of emergencies.

A Broken Dental Appliance:

Dental appliances such as crowns and bridges that are used to restore damaged teeth are prone to several degrees of wear and tear. If these appliances get damaged by any means, they need immediate dental care! This is because the original tooth beneath has to remain protected!

How would you prepare a Dental Emergency Kit?

Since you all have a first aid kit, you might be under the notion that this kit is enough to deal with any kind of emergency that arises. But no, here’s a list of things that would particularly cater to your dental emergency needs. While most of them are in common with your general first aid box, some are out of the box and needs to be collected by you , like:

    • A Fast Acting Pain Reliever.
    • Temporary Adhesive – a crown or a denture adhesive from the drugstore would suffice.
    • A Small Container: When you are collecting pieces of a tooth (or the entire tooth), you’ll need a place to put it in milk or saliva. A container that could be sealed would be perfect!
    • Tweezers: They make collecting small pieces of tooth much easier!
    • A set of clean gauze.

If you are equipped with the above set of information and the essential things at your disposal, you need not be anxious or stressed while your child is out playing in the lawn! Considering the fact that accidents are unforeseen and children hurting themselves are almost inevitable, you can at best stay prepared for an emergency situation rather than unnecessarily suffering from any anxiety!

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