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5 popular dental implant myths that need to be busted

September 15, 2019

Why do you think there are a lot of myths surrounding the technique of dental implants? The reason is, dental implants, despite being one of the most expensive dental procedures, are one of the highly popular procedures in the field of dental restorative treatments. The complex and time-consuming procedure of implantation has paved way for a lot of speculation concerning its pros and cons.

This article highlights a few notions that concern the process of dental implantation. These are in fact myths and the literature concerning the methodology of applying dental implants and their working logically busts them. The discussion below involves the popular myths concerned with this implantation technology.

Dental implants are very expensive.


In fact, dental implants at New Lenox, IL come cost-effective for even those individuals who find it difficult to afford them. Why so? Considering the number of dental benefits, they are not as expensive they seem to be. That is to say, dental implants are a good investment because they last for several years. Their average life span is more than a decade or two. This implies that for this extent of time, you don’t require any dental visit to redo or repair your restoration (except for gross accidental damages).

Dental are cost-effective in another way too. They do not include any maintenance hazards apart from the normal daily brushing and flossing. This reduces maintenance costs and unnecessary dental visits too.

Having dental implants is painful.


Since implantation is a surgical procedure, it involves the use of anesthetics. Thence the procedure does not necessarily involve any pain. The gum area (where the implants embedded) are numb and thus void of any pain sensation. Only during the procedure, some pressure might be felt. However, post-surgery, the area needs some time to heal, before you schedule your second appointment with the doctor to continue with the later steps of getting your implants.

My dental implants will be visible to everyone


Although many people are under the impression that the dental implants within their mouth are clearly visible from outside while they eat, speak or laugh, the fact is, they aren’t! implants are hidden well below the gums and after the healing period, the candidate needs to undergo another short intervention that is done to expose the crest part of the post (titanium post implanted). This is required to place the crown (artificial teeth) above. Only this crown is visible from outside.



This is again another common myth for dental implants. However, since the dental implant technology has been added with newer advancements continuously in the past thirty years, dentists are able to guarantee an almost 95% success rate! Thus, implant technology is far from being risky.

Dental implants are only for old people.

Since implants are a very strong restorative technique and it prevents jaw receding by stimulating the jawbones, many are under the idea that it is ideal for the elderly. However, the fact is, since your jawbone is fully developed by the early 20, you may consider implants at any age as long as you have healthy gums and jaw tissues.

Previously, damaged and misplaced teeth were treated with dentures, bridges or root canals. While these procedures were certainly effective, they possessed chances to harm the adjacent teeth too. In addition, root canals were considered to be one of the most painful and complex procedures too. All of these seem to have changed with the introduction of dental implants at New Lenox, IL and contributed to its immense demand today. Since implants have been a lot in the discussion, the myths commonly crop up but they essentially need to be negated in order to avail this modern treatment.

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