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The Perks of Sedation in Dentistry
Visiting the dentist is no easy task even if you’re an adult. To give you a statistical overview of this[...]
Your Common Root Canal Questions Answered
What exactly is a root canal treatment? A root canal treatment (also known as endodontic therapy) is a dental procedure[...]
Types of Dental Implants And Their Benefits
About Dental Implants  What are dental implants? Dental implants are artificial teeth that are implanted into your jawbone to replace[...]
Answering all your questions on tooth extractions
What is tooth extraction?  Tooth extraction is the process of removing a bad tooth, by uprooting it from the gums.[...]
What to expect from immediate restoration dentistry?
Dentures, bridges, and crowns are amazing alternatives to natural teeth. They are a part of restorative dentistry - an aspect[...]
9 Common Signs That You Need Emergency Dental Care
Emergencies can happen at any moment of the day. Staying prepared is wise, however we never know when will we[...]
5 popular dental implant myths that need to be busted
Why do you think there are a lot of myths surrounding the technique of dental implants? The reason is, dental[...]
Whitening strips and their impact on your dental health
At some pint of your lifetime, teeth will inevitably lose its color and shine. The reasons are varied and are[...]
Why Would You Go For An electric Toothbrush in 2019?
Haven’t been able to pull out yourself from the use of traditional toothbrushes yet? This is often the case for[...]
Do Root Canal Cause Your Chronic Health Issue?
To consider dental ailments to be not a serious health issue is an err. Medical science has over the ages[...]
4 Secret Things About Dental Emergencies Every Parent Should Know
When you are a parent or anyone who is shouldering the responsibility of taking care of a child, keeping yourself[...]
Facts That Nobody Told You About Teeth Whitening
Prevention is better than cure Before stepping into all about teeth whitening tricks and methods, you must be aware of[...]
Adult Dentistry: It’s Never Too Late for Dental Care
Good News for Grown-Ups “Adulting” can be hard. Between rent, bills, kids, a career, and other responsibilities, it can be[...]
Filling in the Gaps: Restoring Your Smile & Quality of Life
Life is full of unexpected surprises, and while we’d love for all of them to be smile-inducing, that’s not entirely[...]
Baby Dentistry: Teething & Other Joys
It’s easy to think that baby teeth aren’t that important. They make their grand entrance (however painfully) and leave your[...]
Finding Your Oasis: Food & Drinks for Dry Mouth
Xerostomia is the technical term for dry mouth, the condition that results from absent or reduced saliva flow. It is[...]
Your Options for Teeth Straightening
Maybe Mona Lisa would have cracked a real smile if she had been more confident in her teeth!All jokes aside,[...]
Crowns, Bridges, Dentures & Implants: the Facts
There are lots of ways to deal with missing or damaged teeth. You’ve probably heard one of us at Nelson[...]
Do Whitening Strips Actually Work?
Whitening strips are among the most popular health and beauty products in New Lenox. Brightening up your pearly whites is[...]
Welcome Home
Welcome to our new website! We are thrilled with the launch of our new online home that will help us[...]