tooth extraction

Check Out The Types And Causes Of Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction generally means the removal of tooth or teeth. The process is quite normal among adults, in spite of the fact that their teeth are expected to stay for a life-time. Nowadays, we can spot many teens and adults getting their wisdom teeth extracted, but there are also plenty of causes why Tooth Extraction may be needed in the adult stage.

Causes behind Tooth Extraction

Severe tooth decay, dental cavities, tooth infection, wisdom teeth complications, gum issues, getting ready for a dental prosthesis or dental braces, injury to the tooth or surrounding bone and crowding may all involve tooth extraction. Moreover, any individual who undergoes the treatment of chemotherapy or is planning to transplant any organ may require this method so that they can maintain a healthy oral system.

What will your doctor do?

Before arranging the whole process, your expert, will need an X-ray of your tooth and will study your total medical history, the medications you are taking and if you are suffering from one of the following:

  • Damaged heart valves
  • Congenital heart defect
  • Damaged immune system
  • Artificial joint, such as a hip replacement
  • Any Liver problems        

The type of tooth extraction depends on the tooth’s shape, position, size, and location in the mouth. Tooth extraction is made in two approaches: simple or surgical. This is actually based on whether your tooth is visible or impacted. 


Simple extraction

Firstly, you will be provided with a local anaesthetic that will numb the area around your tooth so that you may only feel pressure, and not pain, during the process. Secondly, the doctor will use an instrument called an elevator which will rock your tooth back and forth unless it becomes loose and lastly with the help of dental forceps your tooth will be extracted.

Surgical extraction

In this case you will be given both local anaesthesia and intravenous anaesthesia. You too may get general anaesthesia. With general anaesthesia, you will remain unconscious till the end of the process,

The dental surgeon at Nelson Ridge Family Dental will make a small cut into your gum with a very small incision. The surgeon may also remove the bone surrounding your tooth or cut your tooth before it can be removed. Sometimes, a hard tooth which is difficult to pull out is extracted in pieces.  

Tooth Extraction in New Lenox, IL

Generally, tooth extraction treatment will cost you within $91 and $874 or more. When you visit our surgeon In New Lenox, IL he/she will clarify to you the appropriate approach for extracting your defective and decayed tooth. Post-treatment care is of supreme importance after tooth extraction. Your doctor will recommend you to follow certain things for quicker recovery. You may also be advised to intake soft food or liquid food for a few days.