Invisalign Treatment in New Lenox

Everything you need to know about Orthodontic Invisalign Treatment Alternative To Braces

Our smile is the most important and evident feature of our face. That is why we often spend money and long hours perfecting our smiles. There are a variety of treatments available for everyone out there, including children, teens, and adults.


Do you wish to change your smile and have decided to get braces? Well, you don’t really need to resort to the old, painful treatment. It’s time you discover Invisalign. Before you take the daring step of getting your very own Invisalign, you must first learn everything there is to know about Invisalign.


What is Invisalign?

The current alternative to traditional metal braces is Invisalign. Invisalign, which employs clear tray aligners, can correct your teeth if they have gaps, crowding, an underbite, or an overbite. The plastic trays are made from a mold of your mouth and apply pressure to the regions with issues to gradually reposition your teeth into the proper place.


To maintain your teeth progressing in the appropriate direction, the aligners are replaced every one to two weeks. They should be worn for 20-22 hours each day and should only be removed for eating, brushing your teeth, or flossing. They have the look of a retainer, but instead of just holding your teeth in place, they realign them.


How does Invisalign feel?

While conventional braces are linked with oral discomfort and agony, Invisalign aligners are pain-free, pleasant, and nearly undetectable, and can properly correct your teeth. Despite all of its benefits over braces, we recommend that you wait a few days to become acclimated to the sensation of Invisalign transparent aligners in your mouth. After all, it’s only a matter of getting used to it.


Do you have to replace your Invisalign aligners regularly?

Invisalign’s plastic trays should be changed every 10 – 14 days. When you eat or clean your teeth, you may take them out. Most orthodontists advocate wearing the aligners for at least 20 hours to attain the best results.


Taking Care of Your Aligners

It is critical to maintain the cleanliness of your aligners at all times. Brushing your aligners with a soft-bristled brush frequently is a good idea. If the aligners are not cleaned after each meal, the saliva in the mouth might cause a foul odor if they are worn for an extended period without being brushed off.


Patients frequently ask us if Invisalign would damage their ability to pronounce specific words. Lipsing may occur unintentionally as the mouth adjusts to its new buddy, but this is fixed after a few days and returns you to normalcy.


How Long Does Teeth Straightening Take?

Because everyone’s teeth are unique, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for how long it takes Invisalign to perform its magic. It takes roughly a year on average, although this is merely a preliminary estimate. It may take longer if your teeth have gaps, crowding, or other more difficult conditions.


Straightening your teeth with Invisalign in the lowest period is dependent on one essential factor: wearing them as frequently as you should. The longer the procedure will be if you take them out frequently. Maintaining vigilance will guarantee that you have straighter teeth in the shortest period of time.


Get started with Invisalign

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