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How Tooth Bonding Can Restore Your Smile

The good thing about having several different options for addressing your tooth concerns is that you have a chance of doing better and creating the perfect smile while addressing issues. For example, minimally invasive tooth bonding is often a conservative option for addressing certain types of tooth blemishes, such as severe discoloration or chips in the tooth’s surface. However, tooth bonding in New Lenox, IL is also preferable for certain situations that involve restoring a tooth with more than just cosmetic concerns.

What is tooth-colored composite resin?

A tooth bonding procedure involves applying, or bonding, a small amount of composite dental resin to a specific area of your tooth. After being tinted to match the unique color and shade of your tooth, the resin can be applied to the affected area of your tooth and sculpted to match its ideal size, shape, and contour. Once the composite resin is hardened and polished, the durable and lifelike finish can correct a variety of cosmetic tooth blemishes or concerns with the health and integrity of the tooth’s structure.

The ability to restore your tooth

In many ways, improving a tooth’s cosmetic appearance and restoring its health and integrity are highly similar. The main difference is that, in cosmetic treatment, the focus is mainly on the appearance of your teeth and smile, which is why treatments are designed to be as minimally invasive as possible. Yet, with tooth bonding, the natural and lifelike appearance is only part of the composite resin’s capabilities. In addition to mimicking your tooth’s color and shade, composite resin can also be bonded securely to nearly any part of your tooth’s natural structure and remain tightly bonded for many years to come.

The ability to preserve your oral health

By bonding securely to your tooth and restoring minor to mild instances of damage, tooth bonding can provide a highly effective solution for stopping a tooth from becoming even more damaged. However, the minimally invasive nature of the bonding procedure is why it may be preferable for some concerns than other, more involved restorations. The process of restoring your tooth may require modifying some of your healthy tooth structure, and those modifications will be permanent. With tooth bonding, your tooth structure needs little or no preparation, which means you can preserve a maximum amount of your healthy tooth structure while restoring and improving its overall appearance.

Learn if tooth bonding can restore your smile

Tooth bonding is often recommended for cosmetic smile improvement, but the biocompatible nature of composite resin also makes bonding a good solution for restoring teeth with certain types of damage. Contact us today to find the best dentist for tooth bonding in New Lenox, IL today!