Tips to survive your first week with braces

Not happy with the way your smile looks? Well, one of the major reasons behind it can be the posture of your teeth. Though there is nothing to worry about as you can get the smile of your dreams by going for the teeth straightening options. Braces are considered to be the most popular choice among these options. But, did you know that surviving the first week after getting braces is said to be a very tough nut to crack according to dentists? Keeping this fact in mind, Nelson Ridge Family Dental has come up with a blog that will provide the readers with tips to survive their first week with the braces. You need to know that getting braces is very safe and yields excellent results if maintained properly. Go through the sections below to draw an end to any confusion related to the topic. 

Be sure before leaving the dental clinic

You should not have any questions related to the treatment in mind after leaving the clinic. Make sure to find out if the wire ends. It can be done by using your tongue. Not doing so can result in the wire poking the insides of your mouth or even piercing inside your tongue. You should definitely ask questions about the steps to follow after getting back home. This includes the aftercare tips or the perfect time to consult the dentist next. 

Eat softer food items

Orthodontics advise patients to consume softer food items for at least a week after getting dental braces. Try to follow this advice and eat food items such as soft veggies, pasta, yogurt, soup, bread, etc. You can start eating solid food once your mouth gets used to the process. It is recommended to not consume sugary or sticky food items after getting braces. 

Apply wax to avoid sores

The brackets used to fit dental braces are specifically designed to not hurt the inner walls of your mouth. But, in some cases, the brackets run against the inner walls of your mouth and cause sores. You can apply wax to the metal brackets to avoid this problem. 

Rinse your mouth with saltwater

You might feel irritation in your mouth after fitting braces. In that case, wash your mouth with salt water to get rid of this issue with ease. You need to do it at least 5-6 times a day for effective results. 

Maintain oral hygiene

One of the most important steps of taking proper care of your teeth and guns is maintaining oral hygiene. This remains true in the case of people with braces as well. You should brush your teeth to get rid of the food items that get stuck to the braces. Brush twice a day and floss once a day to prevent the growth of infection-causing bacteria in your mouth. 

Adopt the above-mentioned tips to lead a tension-free life after getting braces. You can consult the best dentist in New Lenox, IL to find an answer to any further query about wearing braces. We also provide a better version of braces-invisalign which offers several benefits. Call us to know more. Thank you.