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Here at Nelson Ridge Family Dental, we strive to provide our patients with the best dental experience. Our staff members have been handpicked and groomed to be able to handle situations belonging to any difficulty level with ease. The satisfaction of the patients after undergoing the treatments is our most precious reward. Our team of dentists and trained professionals take pride in letting everyone know that Nelson Ridge Family Dental has earned more than 1000 google reviews

Reviews from people do inspire us to work hard and touch more lives in the days to come. Given below are our favorite reviews from patients who are our treasures.

“I had a very pleasant experience at Nelson Ridge Family Dental. I had heard from my wife about the level of care they provided, and what COVID precautions they had taken to protect their patients.

The level of detail of care was much greater than any of my previous dental visits, and what I liked most is that there bedside manner was very pleasant and memorable.

In addition, I also had some claim issues through my employer sponsored plan (what seems to be yearly plan change), and their staff were kind and polite about resubmitting my claim to the correct Insurance national branch.

I would highly recommend a family member to Nelson Ridge.”
Jonny Tse

“This was our first time going to Nelson Ridge Family Dental and I was extremely pleased. I have two small children (3 and 5) who were going for their cleanings. The staff was so nice and interacted with my kids to make them feel comfortable. It was a quick and efficient process while not making me or my kids feel like a number. I would highly recommend them!”

Amy Reynolds

“Haven’t been to the dentist in ages and picked a place based on some research and lots of great reviews. I will add to the list of great reviews…beautiful clean and updated office and very welcoming staff. I have to go back to have some work done and rescheduled with Amanda who was fantastic! Very patient and thorough with answering all my questions which made me feel more at ease. I also met with Dr. Kathy who was wonderful as well. Not that I’m looking forward to upcoming dental work, but I know that I’m in good hands with this group :)”

Erin Franzese

“Nelson Ridge is the best Dental Office I have ever been to. Everyone in there is very friendly and makes sure you are being well taken care of. They keep the place EXTREMELY neat and organized, with TV’s and beverages while your in the chair. Every Dentist there does wonderful work. I personally had Dr Kathy do all of my dental work, she does the best dental work I have ever seen. Fantastic place with great people!”

Theodore Tsiamas

“Very very professional. The office in a whole is very clean and welcoming. Everyone was nice and for the most part although with masks on can tell they were smiling and liked being there. I had the pleasure of having Brook as my hygienist and Dr. Kathy DDS. They were both very knowledgeable and experienced, very professional. They explained in detail what my issues were and how they can be fixed. Looking forward to my next visit.”

Abel Jr Mejia

“I had always been uncomfortable going to the dentist. So much so, I neglected my teeth. For the past 2 1/2 years I have been going to Nelson Ridge Family Dental and have followed their plan, and can honestly say my teeth are so much better for it. The staff is so professional, yet genuinely kind and caring that I now look forward to my visits. They also use the latest techniques, and methods in their care. The office has incorporated all of the CDC guidelines, and more, to insure the safety of the staff and their patients. I have felt safer in their facility than in any other medical office I have been to in the past 9 months. For all of these reasons I can confidently, and without hesitation, recommend them and easily give them a five star rating.”

diane michelkamp

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All members of our team appreciate your feedback. Please keep sharing your thoughts and opinions with us so that we can work on getting better. You can choose to go to our google page and post your review. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!!