why should you use electric toothbrush

Why Would You Go For An electric Toothbrush in 2019?

Haven’t been able to pull out yourself from the use of traditional toothbrushes yet? This is often the case for most of you out there. To add on, many of us are often told that electric toothbrushes are a sheer waste of money. But the real scenario is far from this. There are a range of virtues that made electric toothbrushes popular in the market over the years. You can also have a discussion with the dentist near you on this issue and find out the fact. We will check out a few of the virtues of an electric toothbrush, in this post.

Here’s what makes electric toothbrushes a real hero:

Research has typically revealed that electric toothbrushes have a slight edge, but that is honestly not huge. Therefore, if we have to count on the virtues of an electric toothbrush, let us check those that give it but a slight edge!

1. Stops You From Brushing Too Hard:

Electric brushes usually come fitted with a pressure-controller. While brushing manually, many of us tend to brush too hard, considering it to be extra effective. But that’s a myth and it could damage your gums and erode your teeth enamel too. Gum injury due to hard brushing may make bleed and recede too. Electric toothbrushes prevent you from the risks of brushing too hard.

2. 2-minute timer:

Electric brushes come with a built-in timer. This prevents you from brushing too long (which harms your gums and enamel) or too less (does not remove plaque from your teeth efficiently). A built-in timer on the contrary, helps you brush for an exactly dentist-recommended 2 minutes.

3. 3-D action technology:

Your electric toothbrush is able to sweep off plaque in the 3-dimensional manner. It actually oscillates, rotates as well as pulsates to break up the plaque first and then sweep wipe it away.

4. Easier for people with limited mobility:

Since the electric toothbrushes do most of the work, they are of maximum help to people with limited mobility. Therefore, individuals with a carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis & other growth disabilities or defects find it easier to use an electric brush than a manual one.

5. Fun for kids:

Kids may create a lot of trouble while having to brush their teeth. This depends totally upon their mood and the way they are groomed. Parents therefore often find it easier to make their kids brush their teeth using an electric brush. It makes brushing interesting to them! Thus, for kids, electric brushes are more engaging.

Despite all the above-mentioned virtues of an electric toothbrush, why do you think that its use is yet not widespread?
To start with, electric brushes are quite obviously more expensive than the manual ones. The totally disposable ones are a little cheap though. As for the re-usable ones, finding the right replacement brush heads is not always easy and convenient. Your nearest store may not have the right brand.

Besides that, the plug-in versions are not travel-friendly. Neither are the normal ones as you have the headache of charging them! Finally, you may simply not like the vibrating feeling inside your mouth as it often tends to stimulate more saliva within your mouth.


In a recent study, it was found that electric brushes were mostly helpful for people who were using some kind of orthodontic appliances, especially, the traditional braces. Wearing braces actually makes it difficult to clean every nook and corner of your teeth. The electronic toothbrush made this job quite easy and hassle-free.

Although this article was not intended to draw a comparison between manual and electric brushes, yet, it goes without mention that, each has its own virtues. It all depends upon your need and comfort levels. If a product suits these two factors, you should go for it! You can choose to have a word with the dentist near you before switching from a manual one.