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5 Common Teeth Whitening Mistakes

Suffering from the problem of yellowish teeth or yellow stains on the teeth is pretty common in today’s time. This can happen due to various reasons which mainly includes poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, consumption of teeth-staining food items and bad oral hygiene. People say that whiteness of the teeth is what makes a smile attractive and beautiful. Therefore, stains on your teeth will definitely hamper the attractive quotient of your smile and also make you feel conscious while talking to others. The good news is that with the constant developments in the field of modern dentistry, you can now get rid of yellow stains by just undergoing teeth whitening treatment. This process is absolutely safe and secure if performed under the observation of trained dental professionals. 

But, it has been seen that some people often commit few mistakes which ultimately hurt the overall outcome. To save you from perpetrating such faults, Nelson Ridge has come up with a blog that will make you aware of all the information related to the topic. So, why wait anymore? Let us start discussing what you have waiting for.

Teeth Whitening Mistakes

  • Not seeing a dentist – Visiting a dental clinic before going for the teeth whitening treatment is a must. The reason behind it is pretty simple. It is necessary to get your oral cavity checked for cavities or other dental problems before getting rid of the stains. You might be surprised to know that tooth decay can be responsible for discoloration of teeth. In that case, it is imperative that you get this problem fixed before undergoing teeth whitening. So, never make the common mistake of not consulting a dentist before availing of this dental service. It is recommended that you talk to a dentist nearby about using the over-the-counter teeth whitening products available at the market as well. 
  • Consuming acidic fruits – Eating acidic fruits such as plums, oranges and lime is a strict “No” after undergoing the teeth whitening treatment. These fruits consist of acid which can be the reason for enamel erosion. The chance of the enamel eroded increases after teeth whitening. Therefore, consuming acidic fruits will increase the chances of the dentin layer (second layer of your teeth) getting exposed which can cause critical dental problems in the days to come.
  • Applying teeth whitening toothpaste – Studies say that the teeth whitening toothpaste available on the market are one of the most used whitening products. If you fall into the group of people who use these products, now is the time to stop. These types of kinds of toothpaste generally consist of baking soda, charcoal or hydrogen peroxide that can damage your teeth if applied daily. It can also cause a recession in gums and make your teeth lose. You can choose to prepare a teeth whitening solution at home rather than using teeth whitening toothpaste for better results. 
  • Not adopting after measures – Certain aftercare tips should be kept in mind to get better results. For example, committing the same lifestyle mistakes or continuing with the bad habits even after undergoing teeth whitening treatment will again lead to yellow stains on your teeth. You should avoid drinking, tea, coffee or wine for a notable period after the treatment (do as directed by the dentist). Do not smoke for at least 24 hours after getting out of the dental clinic. 
  • Not maintaining oral hygiene – Not executing the common tasks related to maintenance of oral hygiene i.e brushing or flossing can also affect the results of going for teeth whitening. You should also know that maintaining proper oral hygiene can also prevent staining on your teeth. 

You might have now gained an idea about the teeth whitening mistakes. Though there are several domestic methods of teeth whitening, it is advisable to get the treatment done at a professional dental clinic. People often think that avail dental service will create a hole in their pocket. This is untrue. Several clinics offer excellent teeth whitening treatment at an affordable price. The cost of teeth whitening is not so much and the benefits offered to make it the obvious choice.  

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