Gum Contouring: Definition & Advantages

Do you have a gummy smile? Embarrassed to flash those pearly whites in public? Fear not, because gum contouring is here to help you. Oftentimes, people suffer from inflamed gum tissues. Excessive gum tissues cover a major portion of your teeth. This could result in an uneven smile and also be a potential cause for developing gum infections. Gum contouring helps to tackle these issues and address all your cosmetic concerns as well.

What is Gum Contouring?

Advancements in the field of dentistry have paved the way for effective solutions to most of your dental problems. Gum contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure that helps to remove excessive gum tissue using special tools laser technology. It helps you achieve a pretty smile and also prevents the recurrence of harmful diseases. Gum contouring does not just deal with the aesthetics of your teeth. It also has certain health benefits. Let us take a look at the perks of gum contouring.

Perks Of Gum Contouring

This minimally invasive treatment has several advantages. Some of them have been listed below. 

Gum Correction

Gum contouring can help to trim away the excess gum tissues that cover your teeth. It helps in exposing your crowns and achieving a beautiful smile. Some people also have excessive tissues in certain spots. Gum contouring tackles those problematic sites and gives you a more even and symmetrical appearance. Enjoy a great smile with an even gum line thanks to gum contouring.

Tackles Gum Recession

In healthy conditions, your gums will keep your tooth firmly in its place. However, your gums might recede, creating large pockets, and pull away from your teeth when you are suffering from severe periodontal disease. Bacterias and plaque get stuck in these pockets paving the way for further deterioration and decay. Contouring your gums can help you get rid of these microbes, correct periodontitis, and prevent further advancement of gum disease. Hence, gum contouring surgery has a positive impact on your dental health as well.

Enjoy an even Gum Line

A jagged gum line can give a crooked appearance to your teeth. Reshaping your gum line is one of the primary benefits of this procedure. It can help you achieve an even gum line and enhance your appearance. The crookedness is addressed and helps you to achieve the smile of your dreams. Your reinvented straighter smile can boost your confidence significantly and seize the day.

Permanent Effects

The effects of this procedure are permanent and you need not worry about your gums losing their new shape. Once your gum tissues have been removed they will not grow back. However, you need to brush and floss regularly and keep your gums in impeccable condition. Lack of proper maintenance can lead you to lose more gum tissues to the different stages of gum disease.

Safe Procedure

Gum contouring is an extremely safe oral surgical procedure. It is minimally invasive and chances of contracting infections after the procedure are practically nil. There is minimal bleeding and the recovery period will be quick and hassle-free if proper instructions are followed.

Now that you know the perks of gum contouring do not waste your time. Rush to the dentist and upgrade your smile today. If you are looking for the best gum contouring service in New Lenox, IL then visit us at Nelson Ridge Family Dental.